• “Chris is the first person we call whenever we have a computer issue we can’t solve because he ALWAYS solves the problem. He is very methodical about figuring out what is wrong and then he as the knowledge to fix the problem.”

    Barry Adelman


  • "We had problems with my teenager’s computer that had us ready to dispose of it and purchase another one. It now works as if it was brand new. My husband had an old hard drive. Chris was able to take everything off of the old hard drive and put it on a modern hard drive with more space and very compact. Life's made easier with Christopher Carter Computer Services!"

    Gina Rassbett

  • “I would recommend Christopher Carter Computer Services to anyone! They take care of whatever we need for our business. Chris is extremely reliable, whenever you need him, he is immediately there to repair computers, set up computers or help with websites.”

    Rhoda Ciancio


  • “He is terrific, he does all of my computer work and has for several years. He is easy to get along with; I call him a gentle soul. He’s honest, punctual; you don’t find a lot of people like Chris.”

    Roy Thompson

    Foeller Men's Shop

  • “Christopher Carter’s most outstanding trait is patience. He answers questions and is always willing to help. He will even show me how to take care of simple things on my own and walks me through the steps. He set up our entire network and helped with remote storage and continues to troubleshoot for anything we need.”

    Tom Serrano

    D&F Fire Protection